Health Insurance Is Critically Important

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 requires all individuals to prove they have health insurance or face paying a steep penalty. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act also has caused many people to see their employers either reduce their work hours to prevent having to provide health insurance benefits or eliminate benefits altogether. Many existing health insurance plans also are going up in cost – sometimes by as much as three times – to help cover the mandated coverages and other provisions of the federal law. That means finding affordable health insurance is critically important for millions of U.S. families and individuals.

Recently created state health insurance exchanges thus far have been stymied by faulty websites and bad management, as might be expected with such massive undertakings. In California, the state’s Health Benefit Exchange has received more than 100,000 initial applications, but the online resource has been mired by many of the same problems other states have experienced, including faulty links, missing information and general delays in processing applications.  While the health insurance push is underway, many Californians still need life insurance to protect themselves, their assets and their homes. But with many insurers raising rates on various coverages, it can be difficult finding affordable rates on policies.

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Tax Credit: the group can be eligible for a tax credit if they meet the 3 qualifications

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  • 2-25 group size
  • The average income is <50,000
  • The employer contributes at least 50% of the premium
  • Employee only coverage. The employer can elect employee only coverage and the dependents can go onto an individual plan( subsidized if they qualify)
  • They are not required to offer pediatric dental. It is optional


Learning more about the services provided by the agency and its helpful representatives is as easy as calling (559) 684-1000. An initial phone interview can provide some helpful information, and by scheduling a consultation can help you narrow their options to the financial tools they need most to protect their health, lives and assets while eventually preparing for retirement.

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